«Spaceflight is considered a tremendous achievement of our
    civilization, without which further progress of science and
    technology on Earth would not be possible. Space mission control is
    an essential direction of spaceflight science, one that supports the
    human activity in the space environment. SM-3 sub-department is
    the only one established within the Russian higher education system
    to train specialists for successful space mission control in the
    framework of the «Navigation and ballistics for spaceflight support»

         I sincerely wish every success to those who devoted their lives
    to solving science and technology challenges that is the subject of
    this sub-department. You ought to keep in mind that the progress
    and achievements in the field of spaceflight and rocket building
    reached by the specialists of our generation will be taken over
    by you and maintained and enhanced by you based on the
    knowledge obtained in the University, till the next takeover».

         Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

        Twice Hero of the Soviet Union,

        Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR,

        Doctor of Engineering Sciences, professor, Vladimir A. Solovyov